JoAnn Miner

"Great cooking information from making your own spices to freezer tips and wine pairing​.  Plus so much more."

"You will definitely giggle a lot when you read the cookbook."

​"The recipes are super easy and delicious!"

"What not to eat when you're on a date!"

Give us a brief description of the cookbook

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"Actually, our mother did.  She was the food editor for the Orange County Register years ago. During that time she  wrote a cookbook titled "A Taste of Orange County" that had a lot of family recipes that were quick to make.  Because the recipes were fairly easy and quick... she would tease us that one day she'd rewrite the cookbook and  title it "Just Time For A Quickie".  We thought that was hilarious!  Unfortunately, she passed away soon after she published  "A Taste of Orange County" so she never had the opportunity to rewrite the cookbook.  Us girls (sisters) got together and decided it was time to make our mom's dream come true!  We're so proud of her and we're so excited about the new version.  She's smiling in Heaven and we really felt her with us, seriously, every step of the way!  JTFAQ is dedicated to our mother, JoAnn Miner."

How did you come up with idea for the cookbook?

What else can we expect?

An Interview with the Kidd Sisters

What else can we expect to find in the book?

"We've blended our sense of humor, a splash of sexy-sassy, a pinch of love, an ultimate pleasure blend of spices and WALLA!  "Just Time For A Quickie!" was born.  We both love to cook and we had a blast creating this cookbook together.  The best part was coming up with names of the recipes.  Cooking and taking photos of the food was really fun... and there was a lot of wine sipping (okay, drinking) and photo retakes!  It really is an easy guide to cooking for that someone special in your life."

JTFAQ  gets a write up in the OC Register!

What are a few of your favorite recipes in the cookbook?

Do you have a second cookbook in the making?

"We really do love all of them, but some of our favorites are:

  •  Sleep With Me Salmon
  •  Breast Man
  •  Make Out Mac-n-Cheese
  • Soft or Hard? Tacos​"
  • The desserts and beverages are sooo delicious

  Just Time For A Quickie!      69 Mouth watering love-a-licious recipes

     Cookbook                 By The Kidd Sisters                Sexy  Sassy  Saucey  

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"The cookbook was a labor of love and right now we are just enjoying the finished product and can't wait to share it with everyone!"